My Family in Pictures

Dear Diary,

My family got a new camera this week and we have been taking lots of pictures!

Here’s my Mama with the twins, she’s always chasing after them…

Double Trouble – Mama & the Twins

…and when she’s not chasing after the twins, she’s cleaning up after all of us kids.

My Daddy is always in the kitchen making us delicious meals and scrumptious treats…

… and now he’s going to be making these treats for everyone in our village (… more on that later!)

My brother, Peter, is so annoying because he always hogs the tv…

… but worse than that he is a trouble maker and likes jumping on the bed with his best friend, Collin Chocolate! I wouldn’t mind, but they jump on my bed too!

When the twins aren’t with Mama, they like to spend time in their playroom…

…and me?

Well, I like to make up stories and play board games with my friends and exchange letters with my pen-pal and bestest friend Morgan Columbus… I’ll share some of them soon 🙂

My week was super busy, but at least it was a lot of fun!

Bye for now!

Tilly x