Say Cheese!

This week I have been spending lots of time with our neighbour Kate Periwinkle –  she takes photos for our village newsletter, The Primrose Pastures Periodical and has been helping me with my new hobby.


We decided that it would be nice to take a portrait of all the families that live in the village – which everyone thought would be a lovely idea. It was quite a task getting everyone to stand still and smile at the same time, but it was also lots of fun!
Here is  a photo that Miss Kate took of me trying to get the Keats family to “Say Cheese!” at the same time:


l-r: The Keats: Shelley, Ross, Bronte, Philip and Eliot (… and me!)

Tilly: Everybody ready? Say Cheese!

Bronte: Oh, one moment Tilly. *Turning to Philip* Philip darling,  you must  stay still – you’re going to ruin the picture!

Philip: But Mummy, I need to go potty!

Everybody had a fit of the giggles and Miss Bronte had to rush little Philip home, but soon enough their family picture was complete.

And this is one Miss Kate took when it was Miss Marion and the Brighteyes twins turn:


l-r Pierce, Marion and Belinda (… and me – again!)

Belinda: Tilly, don’t forget to capture my good side.

Pierce: *Scoff* How will she know?

Belinda: Mum! Tell him to leave me alone!

Pierce: *Mocking her in a high-pitched voice* Mu-um, tell him to leave me alo-one

Marion: Pierce! Behave yourself.

The Brighteyes twins argued the whole time but I finally managed to get a nice picture of them, and of the rest of my friends and neighbours.

Miss Kate says that I have a good eye, but I know I still have a lot to learn.

Tilly x

* Breaking the forth wall: You can find the family portraits and bios of all the neighbours under the new “Villagers” page.