About This Blog:

The first Sylvanians that I purchased were the Fawn rabbit family known as the Dappledawns.

I fell instantly in love with the cute little critters, especially the daughter, Tilly, so
when I decided that I wanted to start blogging about my Sylvanians I decided that it might be fun to show this world through the eyes of Tilly.

Tilly’s grandmother gave her a diary telling her it’ll will help to talk about her feelings about moving away from all she had known, to a place that is mostly empty.

The reader will gain a glimps into this Sylvanian village through Tilly’s 8-year-old eyes.

About My Village:

My Sylvanian village is called Primrose Pastures.

Primrose Pastures is a quaint little village that resides in my bedroom cupboard.

I’d like to say I thought up the name of my village in a flush of inspiration, but I didn’t. I played around with cutesy names for a whole afternoon, until I discovered that dappledawn – the name of my first family – is a type of rose. After that I decided to name my village after a flower and primrose felt right, then I needed something alliterative (to appease the literature student in me) and so Primrose Pastures was born.

It’s not a big place and it is by no means brilliant but it functions… there are some out there that take my breath away not only with the creativity that is so obviously involved, but also the time and effort that it takes to create something so detailed. Unfortunately, that type of creative genius is out of my reach, so my little critters play on some green coloured card.

About Me:

I’m a twenty-something mature university student who spent my whole childhood dreaming about owning Sylvanian Families but was never allowed to. Now as a grown up I have decided to indulge in my childhood fascination with those lovable critters and inspired by some wonderful websites out there I decided to document my decent into the madness… I mean journey into the wonderful world that is toy collecting. This blog doesn’t really have a purpose further than allowing me to share my new obsession with like minded people.


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